Volunteer for HarmonyCon

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at HarmonyCon 2022! We would not be able to put on a great show without the help from our volunteer staff, and are delighted that you wish to be a part of it! Volunteer staff may be required to work a significant portion of the convention weekend, but are provided with a complementary 3-day badge. Volunteers must be eighteen years of age or older, and are responsible for their own lodging, transportation, and meals.

All volunteers must read and agree to be bound to our Volunteer Agreement.

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Position Descriptions


The A/V department works primarily behind-the-scenes to ensure convention events look and sound as good as possible. We are responsible for designing, setup, teardown, and operation of all Audio, Lighting, and Video systems used by the convention. This may include overseeing panel room PAs and projectors, assisting panelists with A/V needs, stagehand work for the main room, and FOH operations. While we may stay in the background, our work can be highly visible to attendees, and so attention to detail is very important. General knowledge of professional Audio, Video, Lighting systems, or prior A/V experience is highly desired.


Events staff's job is to ensure the proper handling of all panels, scheduling, and attendee events.


We’re the nervous system of a convention. When a department needs something, that’s our cue. Expect to be on your feet and ready for sudden unexpected tasks.

Information Technology (Website)

The Information Technology team is reponsible for managing HarmonyCon's website and online registration system, as well as handling a few other technical needs for the con. The bulk of IT work happens pre-con, and very little (if any) at-con work is needed. Expeirience with HTML, CSS, Git, and Jekyll strongly preferred.


The photography team is responsible for taking photographs around the convention. A DSLR or MILC style camera is required.


Registration serves as the welcoming committee for all Harmony Con attendees. Our job entails printing and distributing badges, putting together sponsor perks, selling convention merchandise, and addressing attendee inquiries. Registration volunteers play a critical role in first impressions of Harmony Con, so our department is highly customer service-oriented. Prior experience in customer or guest relations is appreciated.


The Safety Team help provide a safe and fun environment around the convention. We provide customer service for all attendees and enforce rules according to our Code of Conduct and the venue’s regulations. We enjoy walking around to ensure safety for all attendees and the venue.

Vendor Hall

Provides support for our vendors and artists in the vendor hall.

VIP Relations

We take care of the Guests of Honor and their needs.